List of some Foods With High Iron | Iron Rich Foods

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Foods High in Iron | Iron rich foods

What is Iron Foods?

Iron foods are very effective in transporting oxygen to all parts of the body. A lot of diseases and infections come into the picture because of improper oxygen supply to various parts of the body and iron rich foods help in treating these diseases. However, it should be understood that too much iron can lead to the production of harmful radicals which can further meddle with the metabolic activities.

Here is a list of high iron foods that can help you battle a number of diseases:


List of Iron Rich Foods


list of foods high in iron


Fish eggs: Fish eggs are commonly known as Caviar and are consumed as spreads, hors d’oeuvres, and garnishes. These are Iron Rich Foods and around 12grams of iron is there in 110gms of theses fish eggs

Generally iron rich food can be baked, fried and eaten raw, some of them are mussels, oysters and clams

Similarly, 5 oysters contain around 28 % (RDA) iron.

Sesame butter is also known as Tahini is one of the most popular Israeli dishes that can be eaten with pita bread and can be prepared into hummus. A hundred grams of Tahini or sesame cream contains around 8.95 grams of iron.

Similarly, Seasame seeds contain 15 grams of iron per hundred grams of serving.

Among the list of high iron foods, a significant name is that of dried apricots. These apricots can be eaten with salad or as snacks. The percentage of iron in 100 grams of dried apricots serving is 35 % (RDA).

Iron is rich in Chocolates and most in Cocoa which are best for Kids.Sugar-free chocolates and cocoa powders are extremely healthy and contain 36 mg iron per 100 grams of serving.

Some Other Iron Rich Foods

Iron rich foods that can be added in our Daily diet are:
lean red meats (beef, pork and lamb),
rice and kinds of pasta,
tofu and
vegetables like  asparagus, broccoli, and parsley,swiss chard.

Kids and pregnant womens are recommended for iron rich foods.. A lot of people suffer from iron deficiency and the intake of iron rich food is better than living on medicines. Instead of going to the doctor’s every now and then, you can simply treat your deficiency with high iron foods.

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Iron Rich Foods List and Information

If you’re suffering from iron deficiency, you should go through foods high in iron list instead of going to the doctor’s and digging deep in your pockets for medicines. Natural means to treat any deficiency is always better than using medicines. High iron foods are extremely effective in improving the supply of oxygen to all parts of the body and this further helps in treating and dealing with a number of diseases.

List of Foods High in Iron

You can go through an iron rich foods list. The high iron foods mentioned in this list when consumed on a regular basis can help you get rid of a number of health problems.
Some of the most popular iron foods are
seafood and shellfish such as oysters,
tune and
cocoa powder and chocolate,
vegetables like Brussels sprouts,
Swiss chard,
Broccoli and Watercress.

The list also has names like

spinach and
roasted pumpkin and
squash seeds,
tahini and
sesame seeds,
red meat including beef, pork, and lamb,
sunflower seeds,
dried apricots,
chicken giblets and turkey,
lentils and
soybeans and egg yolk.

High Iron Foods For Vegetarians

While most iron rich foods are non-vegetarian, there are certain foods that fall under the vegetarian category and are rich in iron.

Cinnamon grounds,
thyme ground,
oat and wheat bran,
dried figs,
cashew nuts,
kidney beans and
dried herbs.

Benefits of food with high iron content

  • Recent research has found that iron is very effective in relieving stress and tension. This is because problems like depression and stress are a result of poor oxygen supply in the brain and iron is very effective in supplying oxygen to all parts of the body.
  • Iron also helps in the formation of hemoglobin that aids the production of RBC in the body.
  • Also, Iron rich foods form a great remedy when it comes to treating anemia.
  • Iron helps in strengthening muscles and is extremely effective in alleviating the symptoms of restless leg syndrome.
  • Iron rich foods have helped in increasing concentration, eliminating fatigue and aiding proper metabolic activities in the body.

However, you should make sure that you do not consume too much iron as it might lead to the formation of harmful free radicals that can interfere with the metabolism of the body. It is always a better option to treat the iron deficiency with natural foods like the ones mentioned in the iron rich foods list above.




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