How to Make the Best Yogurt Smoothie Recipes

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Yogurt Smoothie Recipes

Fruit smoothies are consumed by millions of people around the world.  They can be made at home with natural, fresh ingredients or you can buy them pre-made in any supermarket.  There are literally hundreds of different fruit combinations that can be tried and enjoyed all year round.  Some people have found that these great, healthy, drinks can get a new twist by simply adding yogurt!  Finding fruit smoothie recipes with yogurt is getting more and more common all the time as people realize the great taste and additional health benefits which yogurt can add.

The Benefits of Yogurt in Your Smoothies

yogurt smoothie recipes
Yogurt, like smoothies, comes in a huge range of types and flavors.  Taking advantage of this similarity can help design fun new smoothie recipes.  If you find your smoothie is too thin or watery, a great way to thicken it up is to add a “custard style” yogurt.  This can also help add or change the flavor.  Or, if the flavor is already good, using a “plain” flavored yogurt will help retain the existing taste.  Other types of yogurt styles such as “light and fluffy” can add a fun new texture to any fruit smoothie recipe.
Another advantage of using yogurt in a smoothie is that you can buy yogurt with the fruit already in it.  This takes away the requirement of keeping fresh fruit around all the time.  Dumping in a delicious strawberry yogurt or two to any recipe will have the benefit of both the yogurt and the fruit!  This is especially useful when trying to make a smoothie at work or while traveling.  The fewer ingredients you have to worry about, the better!
Yogurt contains many powerful, healthy ingredients, such as probiotics, which can help regulate and improve your digestion system.  For people who don’t always enjoy eating yogurt, adding it to a smoothie is the perfect way to get those health benefits!  Fruit smoothie recipes with yogurt are often high in many critical vitamins, calcium, probiotics, antioxidants, protein, and many other healthy nutrients.   It would be hard to come up with a better-tasting health drink.
Adding yogurt to a smoothie is a natural way to add variety to your smoothie recipe collection.  The simple addition of either flavored or plain yogurt can add new life to old recipes or even change the texture of a smoothie to create a whole new experience.  The convenience of adding yogurt couldn’t be easier as well since you can either use the individual serving cups of yogurt or buy a large container of your favorite flavor to last for several weeks.
Fruit smoothie recipes with yogurt are available online, in recipe books and sometimes even right on a yogurt or smoothie mix container.  The popularity is growing and the trend seems to show that it will only continue to get more popular as people try it.  Try this great tasting recipe for yourself or make them share at a party!  Fruit smoothies with yogurt are great at any time!


How to Make the Best Smoothies

Smoothie enthusiasts are becoming more and more common due to the great taste of this increasingly popular drink. As with anything else, people are always asking, “What are the best smoothie recipes?” Well, of course, the answer is going to change greatly depending on who you ask. While some people love the fruit-based smoothies, others may prefer a vanilla or even peanut butter flavored smoothie. The most important thing when looking for the best smoothie is ensuring you use the right amount of each ingredient and that only the top quality ingredients are used.
how to make the best smoothie
Someone could claim to have the best smoothie recipes around, but if they take their recipe and use poor quality ingredients, the result won’t be impressive. This is especially true when making any fruit-flavored smoothie because fresh fruit is best when used right away. If you try adding fruit to a recipe after the fruit has begun to turn, the taste can be changed dramatically from a smoothie in which the fruit was at its peak of freshness. The same can be said of any other type of ingredient as well. Finding the perfect ingredients and knowing exactly when to use them is part of becoming a smoothie master.
Another thing you may not consider when attempting to find the best smoothie recipes is the type of blender being used. Many people have cheap blenders at home that don’t do an adequate job at combining the ingredients in the smoothie and that can throw off the taste. A high-quality blender with several speed options is key to making the perfect smoothie. Smoothie experts will tell you that the speed at which you blend will also change based on the type of smoothie being made. A fruit-based smoothie will often need a slower blending speed than peanut butter or nut flavored one. This is, of course, because the harder or thicker the ingredient is the more blending it is likely to require. There are dozens of types of blenders on the market today and some of them are even designed specifically for smoothies. Finding the one that works best within your budget may take some research, but it’s worth it!
While there are indeed many tips and tricks to master when learning to make the best smoothies, it is perhaps most important to remember that the only thing that matters to most people is the taste. Everyone’s taste buds are a little different, so what you may consider the best smoothie recipe in the world, someone else may find less than stellar. For this reason, it is advised that you work on finding the best recipes for each type of smoothie. This can even be broken down further based on different types of fruits since some people only like pineapples while others may prefer blueberries. Variety is, after all, the spice of life – so don’t forget to have many great smoothie options for yourself and any guests who may be enjoying your best smoothie recipes with you.

Here Are Some Best yogurt smoothie Recipes that will blow your mind and keep your tummy full all-day


Strawberry-Peach Vanilla Yogurt Smoothie

This recipe uses a combination of strawberries, peach, and banana to create a delicious fusion with vanilla yogurt. If you’re not big on vanilla, use a fruit-flavored yogurt instead.


–        1 cup whole strawberries
–        2 tbsp orange juice
–        2 peaches (leave the pits out!)
–        1 banana
–        1.5 cups of your favorite vanilla or flavored yogurt
strawberry peach vanilla yogurt smoothie recipes


Again, just mix everything together at once. If your blender is not very large, you will want to first blend the strawberries and yogurt together, then add the banana (cut it up if you have to) and finally the peaches and orange juice. Regardless of the order, you’ll end up with a beautifully crafted fruit and yogurt smoothie.



Raspberry/Strawberry Banana Yogurt Smoothie



This recipe uses your choice of soy milk or almond milk rather than regular milk to give the smoothie a slightly different, and more unique, texture and flavor. Give it a try – most people really like it!


–        1.5 cups (12 oz) almond milk or soy milk
–        6 oz of your favorite vanilla yogurt
–        1 banana
–        1 1/3 cup raspberries/strawberry

yogurt smoothie recipes


This is a really simple one. Just blend all the ingredients together for half a minute and give it a taste. If you’d like it to come out a little colder, add some ice to the mix. Or, if you prefer your smoothies creamier, use more yogurt. Play around with the recipe and make your own variations!