Chia seeds benefits: Health benefits, Nutrition Facts

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What Are Chia Seeds Actually?


Many people have been familiar with chia seeds. However, most of them only know about the benefits. Yes, chia seeds are famous as the great ingredient to make the body slimmer. It means that if you are fat or have the overweight condition, you should consume chia seeds as much as possible. Since it’s a natural ingredient, there should not be any side effects. But, don’t you think it’s better to know what are chia seeds? Of course, there’s no specific reason in doing so. Just to make sure you really know what you are going to consume. In case if you’re still hesitant about consuming chia seeds, by learning about what they are actually might be able to convince you.



The Origin of Chia Seeds

Well, what are chia seeds actually? To be honest, these seeds are not new because the ancient Mayan and Aztec had consumed the seeds a long time ago. Yes, chia seeds or Salvia Hispanica are originated from the forest in South America. To be exact, it’s spread in Mexico. Back in that time, the name chia means “strength”. Well, it can be inferred that these seeds are consumed so we can get the strength. But, in its development, chia seeds do not only give energy and power to us. There are still many other awesome benefits to reveal including how the seeds are so great in reducing the weight.

How can it be so? Research has found out that chia seeds are so rich in fiber, calcium, antioxidants, and carbohydrate. It can even be said that these seeds are super nutrients! Judging from the appearance of the seeds, you must never think that they can carry such great advantages and nutrients. Yes, the seeds are tiny and black. In one way or another, those seeds seem dirty. But, hey, the statement which says that you must never judge a book from its cover is actually true and chia seeds have proven it.

How to eat Chia Seeds?


Now you have known about what are chia seeds by considering the nutrients and the look. Then, what about the way to consume the seeds? To be honest, the seeds have already been edible the way they are. It means you can simply eat the seeds raw and there will not be any constipation or stomachache.

However, yes, you can surely do something to make chia seeds become more delicious and easier for you to eat. Tons of chia seeds recipes are available out there for you to try and those recipes have used chia seeds a the main ingredients. You are highly recommended to include the recipe as part of your daily diet. And such a diet is not only good for those who have obesity or overweight condition. Normal people should also include chia seeds in their meals.

you can simply add in smoothies, pudding as well. there are so many delicious desserts are also available. you can eat it like this also-

You can simply include chia seeds in your dishes or you might want to make special recipes like to make some dessert with the chia seeds. In just a matter of a couple of weeks, you can find that your weight will be reduced and there’s no side effect at all. Not to mention, by considering how rich the antioxidants contained in the chia seeds, you can also avoid cancer or even treat it by consuming the seeds.


Nutrition Facts Chia seeds



Amount Per 

Calories 486
% Daily Value*
Total Fat 31 g 47%
Saturated fat 3.3 g 16%
Polyunsaturated fat 24 g
Monounsaturated fat 2.3 g
Trans fat 0.1 g
Cholesterol 0 mg 0%
Sodium 16 mg 0%
Potassium 407 mg 11%
Total Carbohydrate 42 g 14%
Dietary fiber 34 g 136%
Protein 17 g 34%
Vitamin A 1% Vitamin C 2%
Calcium 63% Iron 42%
Cobalamin 0% Magnesium 83%
*Per cent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.



Benefits of Chia Seeds for Skin, How it works?

The chia seeds craze is all over the world. This is not only about the way chia seeds can drop the excess fat, boost metabolism, or give you more energy when it comes to chia seeds, it is also about how this superb chia seeds benefit your skin. Anyway, it is very common for you to take chia seeds as part of your smoothies, dishes, or anything, then how about applying it on your skin? Not to mention, but some people already find out that chia seeds are very powerful to eliminate dead skin by directly exfoliating it onto the skin.
For this kind of product, some people simply buy certain products made of chia seeds to assist them to remove dead skin, while other people will apply the do-it-yourself project in the way to gain benefit from chia seeds. Speaking of the way chia seeds benefit your skin, actually, dismiss the dead skin is not the only thing, there are still many benefits of chia seeds you better. Make it on your own or know weather you use the certain products at the market place. When it comes to its benefit to your skin, you know, if you have kind of oily face issue, then chia seeds can be your big helper.
You know, chia seeds have with anything that constructs it. This plant-based food has the ability to absorbs excessive oil from your face. Anyway, helping you with the oily face is not the only thing that can be done by chia seeds. Since it contains a huge percentage of antioxidants, chia seeds will benefit your skin with its power to reduce even eliminate redness on your skin, or, if you are suffered from inflammation, chia seeds are reliable. The last but not least, if you have typical dry lips, in the way to hydrate your lips and make it more attractive, chia seeds potion is what you need.



Chia Seeds as Superfood, Myth or Fact?


Chia seeds, you may familiar with this plant-based food, right? Nevertheless, if you don’t know before that there is the notion about chia seeds have the capability to fight cancer cells by examining its extract, and this one is proven. However, people tend to set high expectations and spread rumors that chia seeds are a superfood for athletes.
Okay, it is the truth that chia seeds contain a plethora of ingredients that are good for the human body, but saying that this one has a magic power to help athlete performance during their intense practice and match, there is need another further research about it.


So, what is the truth about chia seeds as good food? As it is mentioned earlier that, chia seeds really are good food since it is very nutritious and include it as part of diet, more, when it comes to athletes, it will bring a good result with the combination of other good foods, however, it doesn’t make chia seeds as superfood for athletes. There is research, actually, that is conducted by Dr. David Nieman. Through his research toward chia seeds, he finds nothing about this plant-based food as a superfood that magically can improve the performance of athletes (marathoners) for both their practice and match.

The idea about the magnificent power of chia seeds as a superfood for those athletes, perhaps, as the result of old-time stories about the Aztec messenger. But the story remains a story since, based on further research toward chia seeds, there is nothing like significant proof about it. Dr. David Nieman conducted research on whether chia seeds are a superfood for athletes or not by testing some runners. He wants to find out whether a particular runner that consumes chia seeds oil can perform better or not. However, the result discourages the notion of chia seeds as athletes’ superfood. Even though, he admits that chia seeds contain superb ingredients.


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Cancer Killing Molecules in Chia Seeds


Chia seeds, this small-sized plant-based food are known for many healthiness benefits for the human body. And yes, if you track back to history, ancient people like Aztec and Mayan use it for some distinctive purposes like medical, nutritional, and religious. But still, it’s not stopping curiosity about another possibility from chia seeds like cancer-killing molecules. The story about the invention of certain molecules to kill cancer is started when a mom of a young scientist Olivier Cloutier brought this one home. At that time his mother told him about numerous benefits of chia seeds for its nutritious ingredients.

Started from that moment, this young scientist begins his discovery to dig deeper about chia seeds in the way to reveal its other secret. The first thing that is done by an eighth-year old man, Oliver Cloutier to figure out cancer-killing molecules inside chia seeds is applied thorough examination toward the molecular structure and arrangement of chia seeds in the way find out some necessary information that he needs about chia seeds. After, he is done with the first step; he continues to find out another additional data from chia seeds.

Simply put he did some researches about these magical seeds back to history, and yes, for some study about the usage of chia seeds he finds some surprising data about how ancient people treat chia seeds. Nevertheless, the more he analyzes about chia seeds, the more he self-assured that there is something magnificent about chia seeds, and cancer-killing molecules are the result. Through his research toward chia seeds extract he discovers that the chia seeds extract has a particular characteristic to kill cancer. Then, because of his achievement about chia seeds and its killing molecules for cancer, he gets a prestigious award from a prestigious science event, Hydro-Quebec Science Expo.



Surprising Cancer-Fighting Molecules in Chia Seeds

Do you ever hear about the new invention of chia seeds substance? It is Oliver Cloutier a young scientist from Quebec who examines the composition and the structure of chia seeds molecules. His research about chia seeds leads a surprising result, no one ever thought before, it is cancer-fighting molecules. Additions, that particular molecule which is found in chia seeds are known very effective to kill the colon cancer cells. Nevertheless, for his hard work, he gains the first position in such a science event namely the Hydro-Quebec Science Expo. Then, as the reward for becoming the winner of that occasion, he has the privilege to get full tuition for University and a rare ticket for Belgium science fair.
Anyway, after the invention of chia seeds, other benefit makes this one is known as magical food. So then, if you never tried chia seeds before, you better try this one. Not to mention, another thing which makes chia seeds very special besides its cancer-fighting molecules, this superfood has another advantage for human healthiness. But, beforehand, it is better if you know first the special ingredients that construct chia seeds. Speaking of which, you will find protein, fiber, calcium, fat, phosphorus, manganese, magnesium, potassium, zinc and many more.
Guess what? For those substances above, it makes chia seeds can be used to deal with other human healthiness issues such as bone health and strong teeth for the high amount of calcium, improve metabolism and weight loss for the rich fiber substance, boost energy for its nutritious ingredients and many more. Oh, don’t forget about cancer-fighting molecules which now becoming a part of any benefits of eating chia seeds. In addition, in case you have kinds of skin-related issues like inflammation, wrinkle, and dry skin, the truth is, chia seeds can assist you to deal with that matter since there are omega-3 fatty and antioxidant inside chia seeds.



Who to Eat Chia Seeds | Chia seeds benefits


Yes, it is true that chia seeds can bring good benefits for the one who eats it. Thanks to the ingredients that stay inside this mini food such as calcium, protein, omega-3s, antioxidants and many more which somehow makes this one as a nutritional boost food. That’s why it is very easy for you to spot some products like a drink, cereal, snack bar, yogurts and some more which contain chia seeds in it. Nevertheless, as plant-based food with plenty of good things for the human body, due to some researches, it says that chia seeds bring a good impact on certain illnesses.

If you are people with blood pressure issues, diabetes type 2, stroke, and heart disease, then it is recommended for you to eat chia seeds for a nutritional boost. However, you must not treat chia seeds as perfect food since it is not. You know, even though, chia seeds contain numerous ingredients which are very good for your body, but, you need to avoid chia seeds if you are a patient
of prostate cancer, or else, if you are diagnosed as a person who has a higher risk of suffering from this disease.

If you asking for the reason, then, omega-3s is the ultimate reason why you should stop to consume chia seeds since it can worsen your condition. In addition, if you are suffered from triglycerides, you better skip chia seeds. Another thing about chia seeds you need to know is its capability to provoke weight loss for the fiber that exists in it. For some people, chia seeds are like a nutritional boost to ease them to shape their bodies, but, current research shows, somehow, the loose weight effect can’t trigger adults with overweight whose habit eating chia seeds regularly as dinner and before breakfast menu to drop a single size. The reason still is unexplained.




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